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Kansas City's Finest

Our family of Italian sausages, brats, meatballs and other gourmet products all have one thing in common; traditional family recipes and the highest quality ingredients since 1935.

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Scimeca's Italian Sausage

Grandpa Scimeca arrived in the United States in 1910, along with his two children, $10, and the very same Italian Sausage recipe used today in his pocket. Grandpa's recipe is perfection and we have seen no reason to change it! Now, your family can enjoy this classic recipe our family has used for years.

A 95% fat-free sausage for those classic Italian recipes that you love to cook for your family. 

Chicken Italian Sausage


Chicken Italian sausage with spinach & garlic

This 95% fat-free sausage is one of our most popular options. It combines a savory blend of flavorful spices and seasonings for a melt in your mouth taste. 


Our Italian meatballs are fully-cooked with the highest quality of beef, pork and authentic Italian ingredients.  We go to exceptional lengths to select ingredients to produce our mouthwatering meatballs that give them an unparalleled flavor.

Italian Steak Parmesan

This irresistible Italian favorite will have you coming back for more. Lightly breaded pork-sirloin with a mix of Italian seasonings and spices. This recipe has been handed down for generations in the Scimeca family.

Chicken Parmesan

Our delicious, fully cooked, Italian style chicken breasts with special spices and seasonings make this popular dish, a dinner favorite.

Chicken Spiedini

The word spiedini is derived from an Italian food term for skewered meat. Our marinated chicken breast is rolled in Italian bread crumbs and seasoned to perfection.  You won't believe how good they taste!


Our chorizo is made from coarsely chopped pork, red peppers and seasoned to perfection with chili and paprika. This perfect blend is a great addition to your Hispanic dishes.


Our andouille is a must to spice up your favorite Cajun dishes including gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans & rice. Made the authentic way; with coarsely ground spices and seasoned pork which gives it the perfect flavor.

Scimeca's Premium Pork Sausage

Scimeca's premium pork sausage and links are a favorite for all of your breakfast dishes. With an unparalleled flavor, after one bite you'll understand why it's Kansas City's choice at the breakfast table. 


A legacy in our family of meat offerings our Brats are a Kansas City favorite. Recognized by USA Today as one of the “Top 20 Brats” you have to try in your lifetime our Jalapeno & Cheddar, and Pineapple & Brown Sugar Brats can be found at many of your local markets.


Our andouille is a must to spice up your favorite Cajun dishes including gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans & rice. Made the authentic way; with coarsely ground spices and seasoned pork which gives it the perfect flavor.

Gourmet Beef Hot Dogs

Scimeca's all-beef hot dogs are void of preservatives, nitrates, and artificial ingredients. We offer the highest quality hot dogs in Kansas City and after one bite you'll realize why. Great for concession stands and convenience stores.

Marinara & Spaghetti sauce

For generations, our Marinara and Spaghetti sauces have been a staple in Kansas City households. Years in the making, this perfect blend of spices and seasoning make these the exceptional sauces for your dinner table.

Fully Cooked Spicy Polish Sausage

Our fully cooked spicy polish sausage offers a bold and spicy kick to your taste buds. Great for concession stands and convenience stores.

Italian Sausage Pizza Topping

Fully cooked, Italian sausage pizza toppings are widely used in Kansas City's finest gourmet pizzerias. Also works well with lasagna and your favorite meat sauce.  

Pork Tenderloin

Hand breaded in our homemade cracker crust blend Scimeca's Tenderloins have been voted as one of Kansas City's best! 

grated imported romano cheese

Our grated imported romano cheese available in 5 lb. bags work well as a table offering to accompany any meal. It can be put over pasta, soups, and salad or into cooked dishes and cream sauces. 

Chicken Spiedini & Steak Marinade

Our chicken spiedini and steak marinade is the definitive choice in marinating your favorite meat offerings. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients you'll become an instant fan!

Gift Boxes For All Occasions

The perfect gift for the Italian food lover in your life!  Perfect for any occasion. Call for more information. 

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